See real results in just 90 days with our online personal training team!



Come and join our 90 day online personal training package and see unbelievable results wherever you are in the world! Our online personal training team are here to help you achieve your desired goals with our 90 day personal training plans. We understand that there is no one size fits all plan when it comes to fitness, this is why your plan is completely tailored to you and with your own designated personal trainer to help you every step of the way!

Lifestyle Support

Easy to use plan to work around your lifestyle needs

Weekly Emails

Weekly motivational emails to guide you through your plan

Workout Plans

3 tailored workouts to complete at home or in the gym

24/7 Support

Ready to help you through your journey whenever you need us

Tailored Nutrition

45 tailored recipes designed around your needs and goals

VIP Club

Complete workouts, workshops and more whenever you like

Milestone Calls

3 scheduled calls with your designated personal trainer

App Access

Download our app with a range of benefits and challenges

All The Tools Needed For Your Online Personal Training Transformation

Full Consultation

To start your journey we will arrange a complete video consultation between yourself and your designated personal trainer to evaluate your start-up questionnaire. This allows your personal trainer to tailor your plan to you so you can achieve sustainable goals as soon and as convenient as possible!

Tailored Personal Training Plan

Your designated online personal trainer will then put together an in-depth fully comprehensive transformation plan for you to complete over the next 90 days. You will receive lifestyle support and how your transformation can be implemented into your every day life, 3 home workout plans (with or without equipment) and 45 tailored recipes based on your dietary requirements and goals.

Weekly Email Support

Once your journey has started, you will receive an email once a week to help keep you motivated and provide you with a step-by-step guide through the weeks to ensure you get the best out of your online personal training experience. Your designated personal trainer is always available to contact via email and can help answer and questions.

Milestone Accomplishment Calls

Your designated online personal trainer will arrange 3 milestone accomplishment calls with you to check in with you via video call to review your plan and assess your progression.

VIP Club Access

You will also receive access to our VIP Club with a whole range of benefits including exercise tutorials to ensure form and technique is completed effectively to help reduce the risk of injury and maximise the impact on the targeted muscle groups, workout videos and workshops on demand, live streamed 'House Party' workouts, exclusive challenges on our app and more!





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Arrange Consultation

Arrange a free 15 minute virtual consultation with a member of our online personal training team who will be able to answer any question you may have regarding our transformation plans and how it can help you.

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Meet My Trainer

It takes less than 60 seconds to answer our free questionnaire. We will review your answers and pair you up to the online personal trainer best suited to your goals.

Frequently asked questions

90 Day Online Personal Training

I have no equipment, will the online personal training work for me?

We provide a variety of exercises based on your ability and equipment available. We have had plenty of success stories from clients who have had no equipment, you will receive 3 tailored workout plans complete with exercise description and video tutorials as well as a variety of workouts on demand.

I have food allegeries, can you provide me a plan that will work?

Soon as you have completed your start-up questionnaire, your online personal trainer will tailor a plan based around your dietry requirements and discuss alternatives required to ensure you can complete your journey.

I have just had a baby, can I start online personal training?

Congratulations on your new arrival! We would recommend that you wait 8-12 weeks post-pregnancy and confirmation from either your GP or midwife that you are safe to return back to a regular exercise programme. If you are unable to start your journey at this current moment you are able to sign up ready for when you are given the green light to begin exercising again. In the meantime we recommend logging and reviewing your current nutrition plan and completeting any recommended exercises from your health practioner such as pelvic floor exercises.

How can I keep in contact with my online personal trainer?

Your designated online personal trainer will be available through email support throughout your whole journey - we aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. You will also be able to use our online chat for a quicker response from one of our available online personal trainers. Throughout your journey you will also have milestone 15 minute catch-ups calls with your online personal trainer to go through your journey in more detail; you will have a choice of either a phone call or a video call.

How long will it take to achieve my goals?

Results are different for each person, depending on your fitness goals, level of fitness, body composition and commitment. Your designated personal trainer will design a plan to get you to achieve your goals in the shortest amount time possible with sustainable changes. Your designated personal trainer will be able to guide you through your journey to help keep you motivated and challenged throughout to help achieve your milestone targets.

What are the benefits to online personal training over using a local personal trainer in a gym?

Affordability, over 10 years of proven success within the fitness industry and support. Not only are our online personal training plans cheaper than your average 1-2-1 personal trainers you will find in your local gyms, we also have a track record backed with client testimonials and in-depth training plans and workshops backed with years of research and trialling with clients to help them achieve the results for you to be able to enjoy and understand in your own time through your online membership and transformation plan your designated personal trainer will put together for you. We also provide you with more support imaginable, not only will you receive milestone calls with your designated personal trainer throughout your journey, you will also have unlimited email support, weekly motivational emails, workouts and workshop videos on demand, access to our online app and able to speak to a member of our team on our live instant chat.

Got another question?

Still not found answers you are looking for? Get in touch by filling in the form on our contact us page or send us an email at results@edgfitness.co.uk

I lack motivation, will online personal training work for me?

We provide a strong support system throughout your online personal training journey to ensure you never lack motivation. Your designated personal trainer will be in contact with you on a regualar basis to ensure you are on track with your journey, you will also have milestone catch up calls with your designated personal trainer too. We also provide you with weekly motivational emails with a step-by-step guide through your journey, live streamed workouts to follow at home, workouts and workshops on demand and access to our app with a variety of online challenges.


Find your designated personal trainer who will kick start your fitness journey in the right direction.


We will help guide you every step of the way to provide you with all the information you need to make your transformation successful!

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