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Covid-19 - Personal Training Studio

During these unprecedented times, the safety of our clients and personal trainers are paramount. To ensure we can provide a safe environment, we have a set of rules and procedures to be abided by so we can offer our usual quality standard service with the comfort of mind of cleanliness and safety. We must state that although rules and procedures have been put in place, we can not guarantee the risks of Covid-19.

Personal Training Studio Enquiries

For the foreseeable future we will only be providing 30 minute virtual consultations. Our private personal training studio has a regular client base attend frequently on a weekly basis, this will help provide safety for our regular clients and any potential new clients by reducing the studio footfall.

Please note that our times are limited and are in high-demand, if we are unable to accommodate to any training times, with your consent we can add you to our waiting list which we will be offered spaces in order once times become available. We will be able to provide more details once an enquiry has been made.

If you are interested in one of our personal training packages and are interested in starting your training with us, please book a consultation and our personal trainers can help begin your journey by discussing your goals in more detail, reviewing your fitness, health and history, answering any questions you may have and providing you with a virtual tour around our studio to show the facilities we have available.

Book Consultation.

Personal Training Sessions

  • Our private personal training studio will only be offering personal training sessions as a one-to-one basis or with a buddy-up package for 2 people who are either within the same household or support bubble.

  • We will require all clients to use our hand sanitiser at the entrance before entering the studio.

  • Gym/latex gloves and face coverings are optional.

  • Social distancing between yourself and your personal trainer will be adhered as often as possible although this may become unavoidable at times with certain exercises/workouts.

  • If you have travelled into the UK, you will be required to have isolated for 14 days before you can begin your personal training sessions.

  • If you have any Covid-19 signs or symptoms, you will be required to cancel your personal training session and unable to restart your personal training sessions again for atleast 14 days. If you are required to cancel under the 12 hour notice period you will not be charged for your personal training session or any training sessions whilst you are off during this time.

  • If a family member you have come into close contact with develops signs or symptoms of Covid-19, you will required to cancel your personal training sessions with immediate effect and will be unable to attend any personal training sessions for atleast 14 days. If you cancel under the 12 hour notice period you will not be charged for your training session.

  • If your personal trainer shows any signs or symptoms of Covid-19, you will be notified and all personal training sessions will be cancelled with immediate effect for atleast 14 days. You will be notified when personal training sessions will be able to resume again. There will be no charge for the late cancellation of your personal training sessions.

What can I do to prevent the spread of Covid-19?

We encourage clients to follow the advice below and keep up to date with the latest advice from the UK government;

  • Wash your hands frequently, for atleast 20 seconds

  • Use hand sanitisers when and where available

  • Maintain a 2m distance

  • Cover your mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, then dispose of the tissue immediately

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What can I do to stay healthy during the Covid-19 outbreak?

We have a variety of free challenges and activities to follow at home online if you are unable to attend any personal training sessions. We also provide home workouts and healthy recipes to follow for our clients.

Outside of your regular hand washing and avoid small and large gatherings, we recommend with continuing with sensible foundations of good health:

  • Walking outdoors daily

  • Maintaining good healthy sleep

  • Avoid processed foods and alcohol

  • Minimise stress

Useful links

Please note that these rules and procedures may change at any point depending on advice from the UK government.

Take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Updated: 07/04/2021

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