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The Poolside Workout Plan [Part One]

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Get your sweat on whilst sunbathing this summer with this whole body workout!

It can be frustrating at times when your on vacation, you want to have a workout but don't want to waste valuable time topping up the tan or you've laid there all day and now kicking yourself that you could of got the workout in at some point during the day. No need to worry anymore, we have got you covered... we have put together a few exercises and a cheeky little workout you can be doing whilst lounging around topping up that tan! Scroll down to find the 5 exercises and complete workout plan to enjoy.



  1. Start with your body fully extended with your arms raised beyond the head and heels slightly lifted up

  2. Simultaneously bring your legs and arms together

  3. Bend your knees until you reach a 90 degree angle in both the knees and the hips and touch your knees with your hands

  4. Fully extend the arms and legs back out into the starting position and repeat.

Perfect for; Abdominals


Sit Ups

  1. Start by bringing your knees up and heels into your glutes (bum)

  2. Bring your hands out in front of your face (do not hold the back of your head or the back of the legs to complete!!)

  3. Squeeze the abdominals and raise up of your shoulders until elbows hit your knees

  4. Control your speed and lower back down to your starting position and repeat.

Perfect for; Abdominals



  1. Start with your feet shoulder width apart with feet aligned

  2. Bend your knees and hips till your bum hits the sunbed (maintain a tight core, face forward and keep on your heels)

  3. Push up into your starting position from your heels with a controlled speed (aim to take 3-4 seconds)

  4. Avoid locking your knees and repeat

Perfect for; Glutes, Hamstrings and Core


Elevated Lunges

  1. Place one foot on the sunbed with and one foot on the ground slightly in front

  2. Drop your back leg knee down slowly onto the ground whilst maintaining a tight core facing forwards and your front foot heel placed firmly on the ground. Your front knee should be over your toes as you look down.

  3. Hold for a second and push back up through your front leg until you reach the starting position.

  4. Avoid locking your knee at the top and repeat again until reps are completed before swapping legs and repeating.

Perfect for; Glutes, Hamstrings and Quads


Press Ups

  1. Start with your hands on the edge of the sunbed, on your toes with a tight core and arms and legs fully extended

  2. Maintain a tight core and slowly lower your body down onto the sunbed until you reach a 90 degree angle in your elbows

  3. Hold the position for 1 second and push yourself back up into the starting position.

  4. Avoid locking your elbows at the top and repeat.

Perfect for; Pectorals, Deltoids, Triceps


The Workout

Now you know the exercises, choose your workout below depending on your current fitness ability -

The Beginner - Complete 10 reps of each exercise over 3 rounds. Aim to have no longer than 90 seconds rest between each round.

The Pro - Complete 15 reps of each exercise over 5 rounds. Aim to have no longer than 90 seconds rest between each round.

The Extreme - Complete 3 rounds of drop sets on each exercise. You must complete 10 reps of each exercises, followed by another 7 and 4 before you can have a 90 seconds rest.

Comment below to let us know what workout you choose to complete and how you find the intensity.


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