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Make A Real Difference This Year!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Forget vague aspirations, it's time to get real!!

The start of the new year normally means the start to a better lifestyle foundation that will last the rest of their lives, unfortunately most peoples aspirations are too unrealistic or unreasonable. Unfortunately setting yourself goals such as weight loss, get fitter and be more healthier doesn't provide enough detail or evidence to understand if you have achieved your goals or not effectively meaning that they are flawed from the start.

Try to understand what you are aiming to achieve from your results, do you have a deadline and how are you going to make this happen? Be reasonable with your deadlines and most importantly have fun with them!

Here is 7 of my top rated challenges to start for the new year, not only will you feel great contributing towards your overall New Year's goals - you will also be accomplishing some amazing achievements along your journey.

1. Sign Up To An Event

Preparing for an event will help keep you motivated up until your event and encourage you to push yourself further once you have completed the event. Look to complete your event from April and beyond to allow yourself time to train for the event and break up the year with your goals.

Completing a Half Marathon, Swim-a-thon or a Triathlon are all enjoyable and challenging.

2. Sign Up To A Cooking Class

Fast track your weight loss goals by completing a cookery course and learn how to cook from scratch to help remove any hidden fats and sugars within your meals.

There is a variety of ways to learn how to cook from local events, books, apps and you tube channels to help making dieting enjoyable.

3. Try A Monthly Challenge

Strike the iron hot in January and go all out with a monthly challenge to really help kickstart your year.

There is a variety of monthly challenges that can be completed from fitness workouts, giving something up such as 'Dry January' or a fad-diet to help remove a certain amount of weight within 4 weeks.

Sign Up to your free online membership today and complete our free challenge - Complete 10 Full Press-Ups Within 31 Days.

4. Join A Social Club

Being apart of a social group can help keep you motivated throughout your journey, develop a new skill, keep you fit and is also a great way to make new friends.

There is a variety of social clubs you can join from activities such as walking, cycling, running clubs to sports clubs such as football, rugby, badminton and more.

5. Aim For A New PB

If you're already active, it could be a good opportunity to reevaluate your current programme and set your sights on achieving a new PB to help boost your motivation and training intensity.

A few examples could be deadlifting your own body weight, finally hitting a full pull up, running your quickest 5km or finally getting one over that long standing sporting rival.

6. Track Your Intake

It can be very easy to underestimate how much you consume during the day, try using January to help develop a better understanding of your current situation to be able to plan ahead in design a bulletproof plan.

Soon as you have found something you would like to change, start tracking everything you intake for the whole month - be honest with yourself as this will provide you with the foundations for planning for the future. There can be a variety of things you can track from alcohol, certain foods, takeaways or how many cigarettes you smoke per day. Tracking can be as simple as using notes on your phone using apps such as Drinkaware or Myfitnesspal.

7. Eat 5 A Day

This is a nice and enjoyable one that you can introduce immediately that can have numerous health benefits. This one isn't as hard as it is believed and can be a great way to introduce into your diet with a variety of meals.

Tried one of our challenges? Comment below to let us know how you got on with one of the challenges and how it helped you achieve your goals in the new year.

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