The Cheap (and Hidden) Home Gym

A question I am often getting asked is, "what equipment should I be buying to train at home?" or "what can I buy without spending much money?". Find out below how you can set up your own home gym for just under £100!

By now, you have probably looked into purchasing some fitness equipment - lockdowns have made home gym equipment in more demand more than ever before and it is also a nice luxury to have equipment to be able to use in your own time with flexibility around any lifestyle barriers to ensure you can always get a workout in. The likelihood is, you have probably purchased gym equipment in the past that have unfortunately become an expensive investment with little usage, collecting dust and taking too much space.

The list below is my recommended gym equipment to purchase based on affordability, functionality and practicality - there is a whole range of other amazing gym equipment you can purchase that can help you achieve your desired goals. Cardio equipment such as Treadmills and Bikes are great investments, they have a wide range of benefits however they tend to be expensive purchases - which could also be replaced with a walk/run or cycle outside that is also great for your mental health and help boost your Vitamin D levels (they also take up alot of space!!).

Here is my top recommended equipment -

1. KETTLEBELL - Starting from £17.99

Taking the number 1 spot is the king of functionality, Kettlebells! Not only are they a great price, they are also small enough to hide away and practical enough to achieve a wide range of exercises and workouts! Various weights are available depending on your ability and workouts, my recommendation weights would be;

  • Females: 8-12kgs

  • Males: 12-16kgs

Price listed is for an 8kgs Kettlebell.

2. SUSPENSION TRAINER - Starting from £29.99

Coming a very close second is the suspension trainer. Lightweight, versatile and also very well priced - the suspension trainer provides you a wide range of bodyweight exercises to work with to help replace the majority of fixed weight machines you see in the gym. There is also the added bonus that the suspension trainer is perfect for all abilities and can help hit some of those harder to hit muscle groups that you would struggle to hit as much whilst at home.

If you decide to purchase a suspension trainer, please be ensure you purchase a set with a door stopper and make sure you are set up safely before performing the exercise to avoid injury/or damage.

Perfect for at home and to take away.

3. SKIPPING ROPE - Starting from £4.99

What is there not to love about the skipping rope? Cheap and cheerful at its finest! Not only is the skipping rope very low in price, it's also small enough to take anywhere in the world with you and gives you a whole body, fat blasting aerobic workout!

Perfect for at home and to take away.

4. CROSSFIT BANDS - Starting from £11.99

Crossfit bands are a great investment! Slightly different to the usual resistance bands, the looped band can work as a resistance to certain exercises or can be wrapped around a fixed point and can be used for pull and push type exercises. The bands are lightweight and can be put away easily taking up no space, however to have a variety of intensity more bands need to be purchased - each band comes at an additional and higher cost to the previous resistance.

Perfect for at home and to take away.

5. FOAM ROLLER - Starting from £10.99

Who is to say that every piece of equipment needs to be for the actual workout!? Don't underestimate the foam roller, more of a post-recovery accessory - the foam roller can also be used to help assist with your workout (feet on press ups as an example).

The foam roller is small and lightweight which makes it perfect to hide away at home and is a great replacement for a massage so not only is it a very affordable price - it can also help save some money replacing some sports massage treatments.

Perfect for at home or to take away.

6. BOXING GLOVES - Starting from £23.99

If you are looking for a pulse-raising, stress busting workout then boxing gloves are the right choice for you! Small, lightweight and well-priced, boxing gloves are certainly a great purchase! The only downside that come with boxing gloves is; you need to do the workout with a partner (ideal someone experienced to help motivate you) or if you are looking to train alone, additional purchases such as punch bags and speed bags are required that comes at additional costs and will take up alot more space.

BONUS SHOUTOUT - BATTLING ROPE - Starting from £35.99

Although the battling rope might not work for everyone, it's a great piece of equipment to purchase! Suited more for outdoor training, the battling rope takes up a small amount of space, is relatively well priced and can also give you a pulse-raising, muscle blasting workout!

If you have got space to train outdoors and want to add an extra level of intensity to your workouts - the battling rope is a must buy!

What do you think to the list above and do you think theres any equipment you feel should be listed or deserve an honourable mention?

All prices was correct on Amazon January 2021.

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